Percy R. Clark the founder of the company
On 12 november 1925, the Romanian Company "Anglia" was born. The equipments came from abroad, some of them even from Russia. At that time the entire assets of company was english. The year 1938 represented a climate in what production is concerned, the capacity increasing up to 1008 tons.
In this period the range of products diversified for the proper needs as well as for the free market. In around 1939, in addition to steel wire ropes, the company also produced: broad belts, moulded bronze spare parts, wire brushes, barbed wire, and vegetal ropes, and in the proper workshop a series of equipments for the internal endowments was done.
 Because of the social circumstances and of the torments that took place in the year 1940, the foreign capital was eliminated from the factory.
Percy R. Clark
the former owner of the company
At the same time with this important event occured in the history of the company, its name also changed, becoming from this date on “Cablul Romanesc” S.A.R.
  After the year 1947, because of the always increasing needs of the economy in full restoration after the war, the production of wire ropes started to develop, consequently in the year 1962 the production had reached 5.064 tons of cables.
  The necessities of the national economy made that starting with the year 1960 electrotechnical products, meaning aluminium cords, steel-aluminium and copper conductors also entered into manufacturing, realizing a capacity of production of 2000 tons/year.
  The successive modernizations made the cables for export competitive, so that the first order for steel wire ropes was honoured in the year 1966. The orders manifested a tremendous increase, their volume being limited by the internal reduced steel galvanised wire resources.
  Two years later the export of electrotechnical products began, the first order of aluminium cord being honoured in 1968. Starting with the year 1975 the cables with slings were introduced into manufacturing, and also those with aluminium alloy ferrules. The equipments in the endowment of the company were acquired mostly from the company SKET Magdemburg RDG.   As a consequence of the successive developments, the capacity of the factory reached 31000 tons/year in the year 1975, from which cables for transporting bands of 3600 tons/year, electrotechnical products 2000 tons/year.

  In the year 1990 were elaborated the documents necessary to the passing to a joint - stock company on shares, under the name of SC “CABLUL ROMANESC” SA Ploiesti.
  The present capacity of the company is of 18000 tons/year, it has an experience of over 70 years and the products are appreciated by the internal and external beneficiaries with a good tradition in the field.
  From December 1999 the package of a majority of shares was held by the company with private capital Metalicplas Dej.
  From the year 2001 (December) Cablul Romanesc has been taken over by a European capital.

On the 12th of November 2005 Cablul Romanesc completed 80 years of successful activity!

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